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Health Pack Meals started with the simple idea that clean eating should be easy. With this idea, we set off to produce clean meals to help people develop a sustainable. Our founder, Lev, has an extreme passion for cooking and preparing exciting and delicious food. With his existing expertise, it wasn’t hard for him to develop fun and interesting meals so that clean eating wouldn’t be a boring experience.

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"Health Pack Meals is hands down the best meal prep company I have used. I’ve used quite a few including some big name brands and the quality of their food has nothing on Health Pack. It actually tastes like real food and it’s so freaking delicious. Ordered the food and it was delivered to me really quickly also. The only meal prep company I’ll use."
Ray Romanick
"It has been 1.5 months since my husband and I decided to start using Health Pack Meals to give us back some valuable time and adjust our macros. Not only did we gain hours back but we look forward to lunch and dinner like no other! Meals are fresh, tasty, portioned to our preferences, and SO PRACTICAL! Another huge pro-food gets delivered to our front door each week😍 THANK YOU HEALTH PACK"
Alexandra Torreblanca
"Health Pack Meals is by far the best meal prep company. Myself and my husband have tried multiple meal prep companies however none come close to Health Pack Meals quality, attention to detail, customer service, flexible options and timely deliveries are unbelievable. We’ve been with Health Pack for years now and I don’t see us stopping at all. Oh! I also forgot to mention their freshly made sauces are so good. The variety of dishes 5/5 It’s always a surprise 😍
Larisa Stepanyan

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